Do You Have A Sandbox?

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For many of you, last week's episode was very conceptual with no practical application.

I want to celebrate that 🙂

It’s essential to have activities that don't seem to have practical applications, or use business language, with no tangible Return Of Investment – ROI.

We know that children need to play to learn new skills and develop as people.

Yet, as adults we forget that we also need to keep playing in order to better ourselves.

I have a six year-old daughter, and I totally understand the need to contain the areas where she plays. This way, I keep some order in my house and myself sane.

I love inventions such as sandboxes, where we can let kids have fun, knowing that the mess is somewhat contained.

So, when I learned that in software development it’s very common to use the term “sandbox” to describe a safe place to try new software, I thought: “What a brilliant use of the term. Why not create something similar to use for our businesses and lives.”

Imagine if we could create a place where we could try things, and play with concepts, without worry about getting too messy or off track.

For me, my podcast MINDSET ZONE, is my sandbox 🙂

Here, I play with concepts, explore ideas, even invite special guests, and pick their brains around a certain topic.

I even have playmates. People like you, who listen to this podcast and send me their comments and feedback. This way, I know what resonates with my favorite peeps.

Playing in this MINDSET ZONE sandbox, I learn what concepts don't work, and I have to let them go. I discover what mindset workouts work better. I also play with ideas that I can use in live presentations or webinars. I can develop my speaking material, while playing in podcasting – and I love it. I can start to articulate concepts that maybe one day get organized and edited in a book – who knows!

Even, if I don't materialize any of these ideas, I still think the time and effort to do this podcast, it's totally worth it, because I'm enjoying the process 🙂

This containment gives me freedom to play – and I like it 🙂

Do you have a sandbox?

Your sandbox can be for play at a professional level or to add some enjoyment to your personal life. It can be a hobby, or whatever allows you to create that safe space where you can just play for the fun of it.