A Woman’s Mindset Development with Clementina Esposito

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“Not everybody is willing to do that work, but until we really stand for ourselves and for what is real-unconditional love-all the other changes will be very hard-pressed to stick.”

Clementina Esposito

Today, Clementina joins me to share her story. We discuss the no-win situation many women find themselves in, talk about the power of dress, and explore how to create a space to talk about gender equality.

We note the importance of getting rid of shame and blame, discuss the power of curiosity, and emphasize the importance of being patient and accepting when stories are shared.

This Week on The Mindset Zone:

  • Finding your way out of a no-win situation
  • Creating a space to talk about gender equality
  • The nuances of the gender conversation
  • Getting rid of shame and blame
  • The power of curiosity in constant learning
  • The importance of patience and acceptance

The Guest:

Clementina Esposito is the founder of The Clementina Collective, where no one writes alone, everyone values the power of a well-told story, and ugly truths become beautiful in “the end.”  She teaches Authors and Entrepreneurs at the intersection of business, health, and spirituality to find their voice, speak their truth, and heal the wounds that keep them from expressing themselves. Equally and rigorously trained in business and creative writing, Clementina was an English professor for 20 years before starting her own business. Her deep reverence for the coupling of story and strategy is what energizes the results-driven, intellectually sound, emotionally resonant, and instinctively true-to-voice content she helps clients create. Skilled at delivering feedback with energy and passion that makes the next steps clear, Clementina helps the people who work with her stay the course to excellence while making much more efficient use of time, energy, and emotion in the process.

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