Antidote for Quiet Quitting with Anne-Claire Broughton

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“Keep your purpose, vision, and values front and center, and they shouldn’t be just words on a wall. Build a culture and get buy-in.”

– Anne-Claire Broughton

Anne-Claire joins us today to discuss quiet quitting, its factors, and its antidote. She explains how a changing workforce demographic, corporate culture, and the pandemic impacted quiet quitting.

She discusses the power of employee engagement and highlights why companies need to intentionally cultivate organizational culture. She also explains how companies impact communities and the world and underscores why leaders need to maintain transparency amid uncertain times.

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • Why quiet quitting is prevalent today
  • The dimensions and causes of quiet quitting
  • Why companies need to intentionally cultivate culture
  • The importance of focusing on purpose, vision, and values as a company grows
  • Open Book Management for transparency and engagement
  • Maintaining a culture of collaboration and engagement in the face of crisis
  • Believing in the good of human nature
  • What B Corporations are and why they’re important to Anne-Claire’s work in employee engagement
  • Expanding human possibilities through leadership

The Guest:

Anne-Claire Broughton is the Principal of Broughton Consulting, LLC, a certified B-Corp that helps organizations engage employees at all levels for business success. Broughton Consulting supports companies in building thriving workplace cultures of engagement, accountability, and results through open-book management, employee ownership, and healthy organizational cultures. In addition to her work at Broughton Consulting, LLC, Anne-Claire is the founder and Board Vice Chair of the North Carolina Employee Ownership Center, which serves as the central hub for employee-owned businesses in North Carolina.

Antidote for Quiet Quitting with Anne-Claire Broughton

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