Breaking the Cycles of Burnout with Mary Stelletello

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“Recognizing that working harder and more doesn't actually equate to better performance or success.”

— Mary Stelletello

Mary joins me today to shed light on the profound effects of burnout. Mary candidly shares one of her burnout stories and the toll it took on her. She emphasizes the importance of managing energy levels and prioritizing self-care to increase productivity.

We also discuss the significance of understanding cultural expectations and approaches to work-life balance. Throughout the episode, we offered practical tips for shifting mindset around working hard, burnout, and work sustainability.

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • Mary's personal experience with burnout and her journey to recovery
  • Understanding the cultural nuances of work expectations and work-life balance
  • Practical strategies for energy management and burnout prevention
  • The importance of self-care and rest in maintaining productivity and impact
  • The role of personal rituals, nature, and loved ones in fostering balance
  • Honoring the ‘being' time
  • Insights on how to value “doing enough” rather than succumbing to the incessant demands of work
  • Tools for managing screen time and honoring the importance of sleep for overall well-being
  • Mary's strategies for fostering intentional transitions and breaks during the workday
  • Why recognizing and acknowledging burnout is the first step toward recovery
  • The role of leadership and mindfulness in preventing burnout and fostering a sustainable work environment

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Mary Stelletello is the founder of Vista Global Coaching & Consulting, Wisconsin’s first certified B Corp, which aims to create meaningful change by partnering with organizations and individuals. With over 30 years of experience across nonprofit, philanthropic, and corporate sectors, Mary offers deep insights into leadership and organizational development. She co-authored the case study, Success Factors for a Nonprofit Merger and the eBook, Proactively Plan for the Inevitable: A Guide to Leadership Transition and Succession. Mary's mission is to guide change-makers in fostering sustainable work practices and maintaining a fulfilling life.

Mary Stelletello
Mary Stelletello

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Twitter: @VistaGlobalMary

Instagram: @VistaGlobalCC

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