Creativity Is Our Superpower with Lane Gardner

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“The arts transcend race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality—it is our humanness that we feel through the creative process. Art is medicine for the soul.”

 Lane Gardner

Lane joins me today to discuss why creativity is our superpower and how it helps us become more innovative, courageous, and authentic. She explains why creative expression is not limited to traditional arts such as music or painting and outlines how creativity is beneficial to our well-being.

She describes why creating a safe space is essential to creative expression and discusses why adults become intimidated by the notion of creativity. Lane also underscores art’s function as medicine for the soul and highlights how the power of collaborative creation allows for individual and collective healing from trauma.

This week on The Mindset Zone

  • Why Lane believes that creativity is a superpower
  • Lane’s definition of creativity and the different forms of creativity
  • The inner critic and why adults get intimidated by the notion of creativity
  • What adults can learn from children about creativity
  • The role of trust and play in the process of creative expression
  • Healing through music and the power of collaborative creation
  • Using music as a means to cultivate mental wellness and develop team collaboration
  • Translating emotions into art and how creativity helps us get through social change and collective trauma

The Guest

Lane Gardner is an award-winning art educator, singer-songwriter, and trailblazer in the therapeutic arts. She is the President and Founder of THREAD Connects, a non-profit organization that brings the therapeutic power of creative expression to individuals and communities living with trauma. Lane graduated from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Her credits as a musician include leading roles at Lyric Opera Cleveland, Seaside Music Theater, and the West End Theater in New York City. In 2015, Lane released her debut album, Fertile Ground, through her own label, Third Road Records. As an arts educator, Lane has taught in public schools, special education schools, and youth centers across the country. She has also worked in various arts organizations, including The Metropolitan Opera Guild and the Conservatory of Performing Arts.

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