Dialogue: Beyond Speaking & Listening with Bhakti Karkare

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“A dialogue is not an event. It’s a process that’s not going to happen in one meeting, and it’s a journey that requires a lot of commitment to listening, to honesty, and to vulnerability.”

Bhakti Karkare

Bhakti joins me today to outline her framework for facilitating dialogue and discuss how it can be used to create inclusive, engaging, and more human workplaces. She describes her background and how she became passionate about the power of dialogue.

She defines dialogue and differentiates it from everyday chats and conversations. Bhakti also distinguishes the space between the “doing” and “being” of dialogue and underscores the need to step beyond speaking and listening to engage in empowering dialogue.

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • The story behind Bhakti’s passion for dialogue
  • The three shifts in perspective that empower Bhakti’s practice as a master facilitator
  • Why workplaces need to shift the power from leaders to the people they serve
  • Why true, powerful dialogue is beyond speaking and listening
  • How facilitators create the space between the “doing” and “being” of dialogue
  • Why leaders and HR professionals need to have the skills of facilitators
  • How HR professionals can use Bhakti’s dialogue framework to help senior leaders expand their perspectives
  • The difference between a conversation and a dialogue
  • The outcomes of a successful dialogue
  • The etymology of dialogue
  • Teaching the art of dialogue to others
  • The facilitator mindset


Bhakti Karkare is a master facilitator and the founder of Third Loop Learning LLC, a professional training and coaching organization. She is a leadership development consultant and learning strategist known for her work with groups, individuals, and organizations. With a decade of experience working with global HR teams, Bhakti draws from her wealth of knowledge to bring unique cultural insights to her consulting and speaking engagements. She is on a mission to teach leaders to use the power of dialogue to create inclusive, engaging, and more human workplaces. In addition to her work at Third Loop Learning, Bhakti  serves as a member of the Board of Directors of SHRM Greater Phoenix and as a consultant and facilitator for The Silverene Group.

Bhakti Karkare

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