Leap Into Your Best Self with Katie Peuvrelle

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“Listen to the still quiet voice in our mind.”

Katie Peuvrelle

Katie Peuvrelle joins me to talk about what it means to leap. She discusses mindset as a belief system and explains why she believes “growth mindset” is a dichotomy. She talks about her book and shares the numerous reasons that skating is an apt analogy to taking a leap in life. She defines multi-dimensional leadership and notes the physical aspect of intuition.

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The guest

Katie Peuvrelle is a masterful high-performance coach based in San Jose, California, who works with executives and emerging leaders in big-name companies, as well as, with many startups’ founders, and VCs who are out there leaving their dent in the world. She also loves to work with athletes, from amateurs to Olympians, and professionals who want to take their game to the next level.

She is the author of “Leap.”

Katie Peuvrelle book LEAP

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