Letting Go, So You Can Grow with Lady Jen Du Plessis

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Live your legacy while you're building it.

Lady Jen Du Plessis

In this episode, we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with our esteemed guest, Lady Jen Du Plessis. Also known as the Scaling Architect, she shares her insights on how high-achieving businesses, leaders, and entrepreneurs can hyper-scale their revenue, build effective teams, improve leadership skills, and manage to balance it all with a fulfilling personal life.

A critically acclaimed author and powerful speaker, Lady Jen describes the power of the mindset shift of “Letting Go, So You Can Grow” and explains her unique LEAP program, which stands for:
Leadership skills,
Expanding your team,
Amplifying your influence, and

From the insightful tips on hiring effective team members to learning the crucial leadership skills, the conversation engages the listener with a wide array of growth-oriented concepts.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business leader, or someone just dipping their toes in the corporate world, this episode is a treasure trove of insightful advice and practical wisdom.

Let's dive in!

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • [00:00] Introduction and Host's Mission
  • [01:12] Guest Introduction: Lady Jen Du Plessis
  • [02:01] Living Your Legacy While Building It
  • [03:08] Work on Purpose, Play with Passion
  • [04:32] Moving from Working in Your Business to Living Above and Beyond
  • [05:25] The Importance of Building a Team
  • [06:18] The Leap of Faith: From Working to Visionary
  • [07:42] The Mindset Shift: From Me to We
  • [08:27] Letting Go to Grow: The Importance of Delegation
  • [11:09] The Challenges of Leadership and Management
  • [15:32] The Importance of Expanding Your Team
  • [20:32] Amplifying Your Influence
  • [24:32] Increasing Profits and Understanding Your Numbers
  • [27:54] Conclusion and Contact Information

Meet the Guest:

Lady Jen Du PlessisThe Scaling Architect – is the leading expert in building world-class teams. She works with high-achieving corporations, leaders, and entrepreneurs stuck at 6-figures and wanting to reach 7-figures and beyond. Through her masterminds and private mentorship, she helps people hyper-scale their revenue and improve leadership skills to build powerful teams that enable multiplied results in record time, all while designing a balanced and exciting personal life. 

She has been in the financial services industry for four (4) decades, was listed in the Top 200 mortgage originators, and funded over $1 Billion in mortgage loans.

Jen is the author of numerous Amazon #1 best-selling books, the host of two top-ranking podcasts, and the Producer and Host of her TV Show – Tell Me I Can’t – reaching over 350 million homes monthly in over 185 via streaming media networks.  Her most recent book of the same name is a fictional depiction of Jen’s journey to finding her true self-worth. She also has numerous Amazon #1 best-selling books and is the host of two (2) top-ranking podcasts.

As a Leadership Advisor and Mentor, she is relied on by top brands and companies to assist with her proprietary techniques to create powerful teams, Align Priorities and Time Management, Accelerate Business Relationships, Rapidly Scale-up systems, Increase Sales, Systematize Leadership and Management, all while helping leaders create a life of Luxury.

She is an award-winning and charismatic international speaker – having shared stages with such icons as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Darren Hardy, Jeff Hoffman, Sharon Lechter, and many more, as well as being featured in numerous articles and covers of nationally recognized magazines including LA Weekly and SUCCESS Profiles Magazine.

Jen has been a member of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce since 2011. As a member, she mentored students from 6th-12th grade in the Young Entrepreneur Association program for four years; she has been active in her church as an Extraordinary Minister for nearly 20 years, is the founder of Fur Baby Food Bank and CARS (Christian Automotive Relief Services). She has availed herself to sit on numerous boards and comities and has volunteered hundreds of hours to local, national, and international charities and foundations.

Jen believes that entrepreneurs can “Live their Legacy while Building it,” and it’s time to break free from the daily grind with strong leadership skills and powerful teams. Jen believes it’s time to move from working IN and ON your business to living ABOVE and BEYOND your business.

In her spare time, Jen can be found on her 21-acre farmette in Northern Virginia, outside of Washington D.C.

She and her husband, Brian, of 40 years, enjoy visiting the local wineries, boating on their cabin cruiser, and visiting their four grandchildren. She is an expert markswoman and has been a ballroom, Latin, and swing dancer for over 15 years. She is a regular contributor and volunteer at Boulder Crest Retreat, a retreat Center for veterans with internal and external wounds, LAWS (Loudon Abused Women’s Shelter), and Catholic Charities.

Lady Jen Du Plessis

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