Message In A Bottle. To The Moon and Beyond.

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“It’s a miracle that we are here—that we are curious beings who want to learn and expand possibilities for ourselves, for the ones around us, for the world, and for the universe.”

– Ana Melikian

When you were a child, did you get a chance to write a message on a piece of paper, put it into a bottle, and throw it into the ocean or a big river? Now, imagine doing that again, but this time, instead of throwing it into an expansive body of water, you throw it up to space, where future generations of space-faring humans—or even other intelligent life forms—can read your message. If you had that chance to send a message that would outlast you to a future generation you’d never meet, what would you write?

In this episode, I discuss LifeShip’s mission to launch DNA to the moon. I share the message I would write to the universe, given the chance. I also highlight why exploring the vast universe inside our being is as important and valuable as exploring the universe beyond Earth.

Ana Melikian

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • LifeShip’s mission to launch DNA to the moon
  • Why send our DNA to the moon?
  • The message I’d want to send out to the universe

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