Preventing Burnout and Embracing Wellness: Jen Du Plessis interviews Ana Melikian, Ph.D.

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“We have to develop that capacity of pressing the pause button.”

– Ana Melikian

In this episode*, the amazing Jen Du Plessis interviews me about my journey, from overcoming dyslexia to how I leveraged my passion for psychology to help individuals unlock their true potential.

We delve deep into the topic of burnout and discuss practical strategies to combat it. I recount my personal experience with burnout and my realization that it was time for change.

Don't miss the insightful conversations on the triggers of burnout, the significance of recovery, and the transformative power of slowing down and gaining perspective.

Discover how I transitioned from burnout to empowerment and how you can do the same.

Let's dive in!

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • Why Ana started studying psychology
  • Ana’s focus on wellness and helping others reach their human potential
  • Focusing on mindset and what can be controlled
  • Ana's personal experience with burnout and her wakeup call
  • Strategies to prevent burnout
  • Working smart, prioritizing, and strategizing
  • The importance of being prepared for when things don't go well
  • Reconnecting with purpose
  • The role of emotional intelligence in mindset work
  • Responding instead of reacting
  • The role of emotional intelligence in mindset work
  • Gaining perspective and taking breaks to recover and find a grounded place
  • Working smart instead of working hard
  • Pressing the pause button and regaining control of our mental state
  • Introduction to the PIE method: Pause, Increase self-awareness, and Embrace an Experimentation mindset
  • Practical tips for preventing burnout
  • Scheduling pauses and prioritizing mental well-being
  • Ana's weekend routine and engaging in energizing activities
  • The importance of recovery and the beauty of nature

Preventing Burnout and Embracing Wellness

The interviewer:

Jen is referred to as the leading expert in creating world-class teams. She works with high-achieving leaders and entrepreneurs who are stuck at 6-figures and want to reach 7-figures per year. Through her masterminds and private mentorship, she dramatically improves leadership skills to build powerful teams that enable multiplied results in record time while designing a balanced and exciting personal life.

She has been in the financial services industry for four decades and, during her 35-year career, was listed in the Top 200 mortgage originators nationally and funded over $1 Billion in mortgage loans.

Jen is the author of numerous Amazon #1 best-selling books, the host of two (2) top-ranking podcasts, and the Producer and Host of her own TV Show – Tell Me I Can’t – reaching over 350 million homes monthly.

*This episode is rebroadcast here at the MINDSET ZONE® with explicit consent from Lady Jen Du Plessis, the host of the “Success to Significance” podcast. Check the original episode here.

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