The Dimensions of Happiness with Ryan A. Bush

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”This third dimension that corresponds to the mountains and the valleys, this is really what I argue is pulling the strings of our happiness.”

-Ryan A. Bush

In this episode, Ryan A. Bush, a thinker, designer, and founder of Designing the Mind, discusses his approach to expanding human potential. He explains how our understanding of happiness needs to be redefined, seeing it not just as pleasure and pain but also through the dimensions of loss/gain and core personal strengths.

He introduces the concepts from his latest book ‘Become Who You Are,' explaining that our deepest form of happiness is tied to virtue and living out our personal signature strengths. Ryan provides practical insights into discovering and using these strengths as a roadmap for well-being and happiness.

Ryan also shares his own experiences with depression, emphasizing the importance of monitoring mental states, seeking help when needed, and continuing to nurture personal strengths.

Let's dive in!

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [00:47] Meet the Host: Ana Melikian
  • [01:30] Introducing Special Guest: Ryan A. Bush
  • [02:30] Discussing the Concept of Happiness
  • [03:00] Exploring the Dimensions of Happiness
  • [05:00] The Third Dimension of Happiness
  • [06:30] The Role of Virtue in Happiness
  • [06:44] Unpacking the Concept of Happiness
  • [18:59] Strategies for Discovering Personal Strengths and Virtues
  • [22:06] Ryan's Personal Journey with Depression
  • [23:40] Understanding the Continuum of Depression to Well-being
  • [32:47] Closing Remarks and Contact Information

Meet the Guest:

Ryan A Bush is a designer and thinker focused on building better systems, better people, and a better future. As founder of Designing the Mind, Ryan's central purpose is to provide wisdom education and expand human potential beyond the norm.

This journey has led him to write multiple bestselling books like Designing the Mind: The Principles of Psychitecture, build life-changing programs like The Anxiety Algorithm, and launch Mindform, the world’s first psychitecture collective and training platform. Through his books, programs, and community, he works to integrate the insights of ancient and modern thinkers to form a new vision for psychological growth and self-mastery.

Ryan's background is in the design of systems—he has worked with tech startups to design and develop everything from patented physical products, to software, to buildings, to business models. But his most relevant credential is a lifelong appetite for introspective investigation, ravenous reading, and obsessive self-optimization.
For many years, Ryan has studied the insights of ancient teachers, practical philosophers, and cognitive scientists. His ideas have been featured on major platforms like Lifehack and Modern Stoicism, and he has been a guest on podcasts with topics ranging from emotions to philosophy to motivation.

He lives in a small mountain town where he splits his time between creating, reflecting, and adventuring with his partner and their corgi, who is on track to be an honors student this year.

Ryan A. Bush

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