The Power of Micro Actions and the DAMN Manifesto with Bevin Farrand

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” The micro-actions are the smallest possible actions that you will actually take. If you are feeling frozen, then your micro-action is not small enough.”

-Bevin Farrand

In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Bevin Farrand, a remarkable speaker, coach, and author of the book “Your Damn Manifesto: Discover the Keys to Personal Transformation and Bring Your Biggest Dreams to Life.”

Bevin is on a mission to support others in bringing their big, bold, and crazy dreams to life, even after facing deeply challenging experiences. She shares her personal journey and provides valuable insights on transforming dreams into concrete actions.

This episode reminds us that dreams without action can lead to frustration and unfulfillment. Bevin's practical approach and her willingness to dream big while also being pragmatic truly inspire us.

If you're ready to transform your dreams into concrete actions, we highly recommend listening to this conversation. You'll gain valuable insights and practical strategies that can help you bring your biggest dreams to life.

Embrace your power and take the DAMN chance to bring your dreams to life.

Let's dive in!

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • How Bevin started the Take the DAMN chance movement
  • Her trip to France and how her husband passed away shortly after
  • The Facebook post that started her movement
  • The four parts of the DAMN framework
  •  Importance of taking action
  • Staying present in the moment and making strong decisions
  • Not waiting for the perfect moment
  • Deciding and declaring what you want to achieve
  • Bevin's approach combines dreaming big with practical actions
  • Taking micro-actions is crucial for fulfillment and success

Meet the Guest:

In 2019, after an unexpected loss just 5 days after she returned from a whirlwind trip to France with her husband, Bevin Farrand founded the Take the DAMN Chance movement and created the Do the DAMN Thing Method. Her DAMN framework has inspired thousands to connect with the people that they love, do the “crazy thing” that makes all the difference and, when given a choice, to take the damn chance. She is the author of Your DAMN Manifesto: Discover the Keys to Personal Transformation and Bringing Your Biggest Dreams to Life and a coach that supports women in achieving their goals, even after going through deeply challenging experiences.

The Power of Micro Actions with Bevin Farrand

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