Uncovering Your Brilliance with Lane Gardner

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“The arts transcend race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality—it is our humanness that we feel through the creative process. Art is medicine for the soul.”

– Lane Gardner

This episode is a re-broadcast of an interview with Lane Gardner, who is publishing her new book ‘Lifeline: Recovering Your Mental Wellness Through Uncovering Your Creative Brilliance'. Lane is an award-winning art educator, singer-songwriter and non-profit entrepreneur, and in our conversation, she highlights the power of creativity and creative expression in individuals' growth, healing, and overall wellbeing.

Lane emphasizes that creativity does not have to be tied to traditional art forms but can be anything an individual loves doing and pours their heart and soul into. She also elaborates on the benefits of creativity, mentioning its positive impacts on mental wellness, relationships, problem-solving abilities, and self-discovery.

Furthermore, Lane touches on the role of collective and collaborative creative projects in fostering staff development and increased understanding among colleagues within organizations. One of the highlights of this episode is Lane's recount of working with students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after their traumatic experience of a mass shooting. They translated their feelings into a song – a testament to the transformative power of music and collective creativity.

Let's dive in!

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • [00:00] Lane’s definition of creativity
  • [00:31] Contact Information and Introduction to the Interview
  • [02:18] Interview Begins
  • [02:18] Discussion on the Power of Creativity
  • [04:15] Defining Creativity
  • [05:04] Creativity in Childhood vs Adulthood
  • [07:09] The Role of the Inner Critic [07:49] Creativity as a Process
  • [08:20] Creativity as Play
  • [09:24] Unlocking Creativity
  • [13:03] Creativity in Community
  • [17:40] Creativity in the Corporate World
  • [20:44] The Power of Music
  • [28:51] The Work of Thread
  • [29:57] Conclusion and Song Performance

Meet the Guest:

Lane Gardner is a catalyst for individual as well as collective change. She's also one of the fiercest advocates for creativity you may ever come across. Award winning Arts Educator, Motivational Speaker, Human Development Coach, Singer-Songwriter and now Author, Lane has transformed the abuse, the injustice, the horror of her early life being raised in a fundamentalist religious cult by a deeply wounded, narcissistic mother, an alcoholic step-father and an absent war-hero Dad into understanding. Into acceptance. Into fuel. Into art. Into healing. Into power. Into the whole of her life. Every day.
Lane is the Co-Founder of THREAD, a therapeutic arts non-profit organization whose work in the Hudson Valley and beyond continues to draw out and celebrate the creativity and brilliance in every one of us.

Lane Gardner

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