The Power of Restart!

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The Power of Restart

When your computer starts to misbehave or run slower, common advice is to shut it down and restart it.

Many times, we resist this advice.

We have so much stuff open.

We are afraid of missing something.

It will take time.

And we can go on and on with excuses.

But we know that restarting can be the most powerful action we can take.

The power of restart!

I originally wrote these words when I re-started recording new episodes for my MINDSET ZONE podcast back in 2021, and I decided to bring it here in the current format because we have many opportunities to re-start.

So, whatever you have not started that you really want to start, ask yourself:

“What are my excuses?”

“Why is this important to me?”

Then, look around and notice the reminders everywhere about the opportunities to start fresh: a New Year, a new month, a new week, a new day, a new hour, a new minute, a new breath.

Why not?

There are always opportunities to expand what’s possible. 

For You. 

For the ones around you. 

For the World!